Run a mirror

Lots of copies keep stuff safe! We hope you'll help us out by running a mirror of the content that's been liberated through the platform. always redirects to the most recent dump of all publicly available data. Adding the following command to a daily cron job will download the latest version if it does not already exist locally, and store it with a name of the format freeyourstuff-YYYY-MM-DD.tgz:

wget -N --content-disposition

The contents of the file are the result of a daily mongodump run against all public collections (using the service/dumper.js script), so the files are in BSON format. You can convert them to JSON using the bsondump utility. Please consult the schemas for the relevant plugins (found in the plugin's directory in extension/src/plugins) for metadata like field labels and descriptions. See the plugin docs for more info.

If you run a public mirror, please submit a GitHub pull request for this file to add it to the list below.

Current mirrors