Privacy Policy is an open source community project developed as a hobby. Its purpose is to make it easy for anyone to access, export, and publish their contributions to supported websites. It doesn't collect your data, and it does't contain ads.

What the browser extension does

If you are logged in to a supported website like Quora or Goodreads, the extension will navigate the website on your behalf to download your data. In the process, it does not gain access to your user credentials, nor does it "phone home" to this website about what it is doing.

Once a download process is complete, the extension will present your downloaded data to you in a webpage generated by the extension. You can save a copy on your computer from this page. The extension will only contact this website if you grant it permission to do so.

If (and only if!) you choose to publish the data you downloaded under a free license, the extension will upload it to this website. That's a completely optional step for users who like free culture free culture, and want to release their work in a manner that allows others to build upon them.

What this website does

This website really only does two things:

We keep normal server logs for up to 90 days (including your IP address), but we don't run analytics software, tracking code, or ads. We set cookies when you log in, and the Facebook/Google/Twitter login options require contacting those third parties when you log in.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask: eloquence at gmail dot com