Free your stuff!

Whether it's pictures, reviews, bookmarks or posts, you should get to control the stuff you make. Some sites make it easy for you to download your contributions, and others don't.

Now, with a single click, you can get a copy of your stuff from supported websites! And if you want, make it available in the public domain so it can be used and built upon by the global free culture movement.

Once you have the extension installed, visit a supported site (currently Yelp, IMDB, TripAdvisor, Goodreads and Quora), then click the icon to access (and if you want, share) your stuff.

We're still in beta. You can help by reporting any issues you encounter.

Recent uploads

Take a look at content that has been liberated so far.

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Write a plugin

Contributing a plugin for your favorite website is not hard, as long as you know JavaScript.

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Run a mirror

We need as many people as possible to maintain public copies of content that has been liberated, so it remains online forever.

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